After a while the sex part started to fall apart after the second year

After a while the sex part started to fall apart after the second year

My gem friend has been missing in action for about 5 or 6 days now. We went from Talking and texting everyday to seeing each other 2-3 times a week to nada. No contact or nothing I’m not understanding it because he initiates the times we do spend with each other. Before I could ask he’s already set plans for us. I’m lost because I try to give him much space as possible because I’m by far clingy and i have. Life of my own. We’ve been dating for about 4 months and he wants to know if I have feelings for him but yet won’t dare share with me what he feels for me. I really enjoy when he’s not so much hot and cold.

Now i will admit to confessing to me flirting early in the relationship but after the first year i realized she was my lady lion and stopped that non sense

How can he say he wants a future with me but yet go into hiding with me for days at a time? I can’t see my self having a future with someone that keeps shutting me out. My best friend who is also a gemini says he may be acting this way because he might have developed strong feelings for me but isn’t ready to show it. I just don’t know what to do but there’s one thing in mind and that’s to just jet him be. It’s not that I don’t have patients because I have a lot but who wants to invest in a future with someone with this type of unexplainable behavior.

Hello guys, I am a Gemini man- I dated my Leo woman for about 4 years, everything was great at first, traveling vacations, gifts, lots of affection and very good sex

Before we would make love atleast 2-3 times a week, then it became 1 and eventually to almost nothing a month. I was frustrated with this, she knew i had a high sex drive and i stayed loyal to her . HERES THE CATCH, as soon as we almost hit 4 years like a few months before, she decided to part ways over a text message? very low standards if you ask me. I asked why? She lied saying it wasnt the same anymore, so after 2 months of me completely cutting her out my life she decides to come back to me asking for another chance, we spoke about it for about 3 weeks and officially got back, now down the line I found out she actually had fallen for someone else by her sister. She denied and denied until i showed proof then she admited. I also noticed she became a party addict while broken up, and 3 more months down the line had to find out she cheated on me with her guy friend and needed proof for her to admit to that also or else she wouldve kept lying. So I decided to break it off with her and I havent spoken to her since then, yeah she cried and begged for a chance but the way I saw it, it wasnt the first time she lied, Shes lied about 9 times to me and i needed proof all the time for a confession, SO BE CAREEFUL WITH YOUR LEO WOMAN GUYS! THAT LOYAL CRAP IS NOT FOR ALL OF THEM, THEY JUST KNOW HOW TO LIE!!

She did not allow me to roam with curiosity. She wanted to pack her gemini man into a pretty box with a bow and keep him next to her bed forever.. the gemini man wont stand for that! He needs freedom. The leo ladies need to realise this and give her man freedom. he will love you deeply if you let him be the person he is..x

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