Our Projects

Pai Talks

PAI Talks brings together 4 guest speakers from different backgrounds like corporate, professionals, students, and educators, on single stage to share their life experience, perspectives, learnings and more. Our first chapter of PAI Talks was hosted by HH Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, world’s first official gay prince and a LGBTQ activist.

Dawn Child

Dawn Child is a beautiful relaxing music for stress relief and peace, composed by our exclusive artist Sreeraj Nair.

This instrumental EP (“Dawn Child”) works well as stress relief music, sleep music, ambient study music, anti-depression music, meditation music and relaxation music.

Indie Sounds – the uncharted art

‘Indie Sounds – the uncharted art’ is a joint project of PAI Factory and PopLitSociety. It’s a musical project – giving platform to uncharted art involving #Music #songs #poetry and much more.